New Art “Christmas at Crossroads”

“Christmas at Crossroads” is an annual tradition at the historic Crossroads Village in Flint, Michigan, which is also the home of the Huckleberry Railroad. This locomotive is a former Denver & Rio Grande Western #464, one of the last two members of the K-27 class in existence. The engine was acquired by the railroad in 1981 and has been in active service since. Here, #464 with an excursion train in tow, passes through the crossing towards the depot during the holiday season.

Ken Muramoto ©. Watercolor/Acrylic. 10 x 14 inches. October 2017.

New Art “The John Bull Rides Again”

The John Bull, an English engine built in 1831 by Robert Stephenson and Company was shipped from England to the United States for operation on the Camden and Amboy Railroad in New Jersey. Originally built as an 0-4-0 wheel configuration, it was later converted to a 2-4-0 with the addition of a two-wheel pilot truck at the front. The John Bull, now under the ownership of the Smithsonian Institute, is seen here traveling under its own power on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Georgetown branch line near the Potomac River on September 15, 1981 as part of its sesquicentennial celebration.

Ken Muramoto ©. Watercolor/Acrylic. 10 x 14 inches. April 2017.

New Art “Williams Flyer at Red Lake”

On a cold winter afternoon, the southbound Williams Flyer led by Grand Canyon Railway steam locomotive No. 29 and a FPA-4 diesel helper speeds through the Espee Rd. crossing at Red Lake, Arizona on her way back to the station at Williams. No. 29 is a 2-8-0 Consolidation built by the American Locomotive Works in 1906, who worked on the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad in Michigan prior to entering service on the Grand Canyon Railway in 1990. She remained in active service until 2008 when the railway’s famed steam program was cut. However, after being converted to burn Waste Vegetable Oil, she returned to the rails in August of 2016 to celebrate the National Parks Service’s centennial.

Ken Muramoto ©. Watercolor. 10 x 14 inches. September 2016.

New Art “Down by the Station Platform”


The Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan began operations in 1927. It is now a popular tourist attraction for those visiting the local hot spring resorts along the line. Early in the morning at Shin-Kanaya Station, steam locomotive C11-227 and its train wait patiently at the platform for an electric commuter to depart first.

Ken Muramoto ©. Colored-pencils. 9″ x 12″. June, 2016.

2016 Al Smith Day


Ken and his family were invited to Al Smith Day at the Swanton Pacific Railroad in Davenport, CA on April 24, 2016. This annual event was organized by the “Cal Poly” Swanton Pacific Historical Railroad Society to honor Albert B. Smith, the former president of Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) and the founder of the railroad. Five hundred people got together to enjoy train rides, BBQ, and more. Ken exhibited his original arts, sold his art cards and prints, and autographed more than 100 OSH train calendars! Special thanks to Ed and Mary Ann Carnegie and Mary and Lloyd Yoshida for their kind support. Ken is planning to have another exhibit at Swanton’s next event, “Cal Poly Day” on Sunday, October 9, 2016.


Ken’s Exhibit at Al Smith Day on April 24 (Sun)

Ken will showcase his train arts at the Al Smith Railroad Day, one day fun-filled event, at the Swanton Pacific Railroad, Davenport, CA on April 24 (Sun).

Bring your copy of the 2016 OSH calendar, if you have one, so that he can personally sign it. Some of his original art works, prints, and art cards will be for sale.

RSVP is required for the event.

Steam at Swanton Pacific

Steam at Swanton Pacific

For more information and reservation, visit website of the Swanton Pacific Railroad.

See a blog post on Ken’s 2015 Al Smith Day exhibit below.

Ken’s art display on “Al Smith Day”



New Art “Via Fern Creek”


Garden railroaders take great pride in showcasing and running their model trains in their backyards like Eric Child and Trevor Park’s Fern Creek & Western Garden Railroad in Santa Cruz, California. Here, a passenger train headed by South Pacific Coast 4-4-0 #3 passes by the Priya Canyon Sand Mines and onto the Priya Canyon Trestle.

Ken Muramoto ©. Watercolor. 10 1/4″ x 14″. February, 2016.

New Art “Morning at Fort Bragg”


On a bright summer morning at Fort Bragg, CA, the steam locomotive #45 simmers at the depot, while getting her passenger cars ready for a trip up to Northspur on the California Western Railroad. Popularly known as the “Skunk Train“, this railroad runs both steam and diesel-powered trains as well as vintage rail motor cars through the towering redwood forests along Pudding Creek and Noyo River.

Ken Muramoto ©. Colored pencils. 9″ x 11”. November,  2015.

Ken’s Art Exhibit at SCCRTC, downtown Santa Cruz

Ken Muramoto’s art exhibition at the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC)’s Office downtown Santa Cruz will begin on September 8. The exhibit showcases 21 pieces of his work including his new original train arts for the 2016 OSH Train Calendar as well as watercolor pieces of local landscapes. The SCCRTC office (1523 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060) is located on the second floor of the Chefworks across the street from the Bookshop Santa Cruz. It opens weekdays only (8-5) until October 30. Please visit and enjoy his work!

Crusin' by the Three Graces. Watercolor. © 2015 Ken Muramoto

Crusin’ by the Three Graces. Watercolor. © 2015 Ken Muramoto


Ken’s art display on “Al Smith Day”

To honor the tradition of Albert B. Smith, the former president of the Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) and the former owner of the Swanton Pacific Railroad, Ken’s original arts for the 2015 OSH Train Calendar and the new train art “Steam at Swanton Pacific” were displayed at the Cal Poly Swanton Pacific Ranch in Davenport, CA on April 12, 2015, “Al Smith Day”. Five hundred people joined this fun filled event under the beautiful weather. Ken autographed about 60 OSH calendars provided by the “Cal Poly” Swanton Pacific Historical Railroad Society and gave all away! We specially thank Edgar J. Carnegie, the president of the society, and his wife Mary Ann Carnegie for their wonderful support.Ken and his art display on Al Smith Day

New Art “Steam at Swanton Pacific”

Steam at Swanton Pacific

In 1979, then Orchard Supply Hardware President Albert B. Smith obtained four live steam locomotives built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. Smith restored these locomotives and formed the Swanton Pacific Railroad on his ranch in northern Santa Cruz County, California. Today, Mr. Smith’s legacy lives on by the efforts of the “Cal Poly” Swanton Pacific Historical Railroad Society. Here, locomotive No. 1914 simmers in preparation for the occasional public train rides.

Ken Muramoto ©. Watercolor. 10 1/4″ x 14″. February, 2015.